12 July 10 . first day of the workshop

Today 20 architects/artists met at 10 in the Red Room at UCD Architecture. We screened and discussed clips from Dogville, West Side Story, The Battleship Potemkin, The Belly of an Architect, City of God, Dark City, Chunking Express, Hic and THX 1138. We talked about the portrayal of cities and buildings in film. The discussion was mainly on media, representation, space, perception, movement and time. The participants decided who to work with. We also enjoyed Daragh's sandwiches from Good Gourmet Cafe.

The homework for tomorrow is to come up with an A3 Concept Board describing the theme of the film proposal, a theme derived from the workshop theme, which is temporal movement. They will also do the storyboard of their film proposal as a group.

Everybody is invited to the screening/review of workshop films on Friday at 2. We will be in the Red Room.

I would like to thank Hugh Campbell, Alice Clancy, Pierre Jolivet, and Sandra Conroy of UCD for their support and help.