13 July 10 . the second day

6 hours in the Red Room! In the morning we screened and talked about the 3 minute clips that the participants brought in. We looked at 15 clips: Eraserhead, Moving through the Night, Salary Man, Alphaville, Caro Diario, Non-places, Ascension, The Diving Bell and the Butterfly, Synecdoche New York, Vanessa Bruno ad, Wings of Desire, H is for House, The Conversation, Manufactured Landscapes, and Public Housing. More people talked and people talked more today either because it was the second day or the clips were more interesting. Some of the clips were what I call city films of Tokyo, Berlin, New York, etc.

After eating Daragh's delicious wraps, we pinned up and looked at the concept boards and the storyboards of all 10 groups. (Most people work in pairs.) We tried to come up with ideas which would improve the proposals. This was also an opportunity to talk about how we saw Dublin and how we would frame the city through film. Dublin has been in the center of the discussions since yesterday, together with the theme, temporal movement.

We decided to meet at 1.30 rather than 10 tomorrow so that the groups have more time for shooting. Fingers crossed for good weather. On Wednesday afternoon, we will look at and talk about the raw material.