16 August 10 . the follow-up

Today we met once more at 10 in the Red Room of Richview for the follow-up day. There were not many of us but we had a great day brainstorming for and shooting a short film with a narrative. The working title is Chase. Ronan is the director, and Gul is the assistant director. Pierre is the actor -yes, he is back!- and Ashling, a friend of Ronan who came all the way from Galway, is the actress. We really had a lot of fun experimenting with the story and the camera as we go. We had to stop for a while when we ran out of batteries and were all over the building to find new ones. We got footage everywhere in Richview - the library, the quad, studios, staircases... The best part is Ronan and Pierre will do the editing separately using the same footage, and we will have two versions of the film in the end. Thank you Ronan for your enthusiasm and happy birthday!