10 May 11 . first day of the workshop

Today 7 architects/artists met at 3 at Exchange Dublin. The afternoon started with small problems: The doors of Exchange were locked, we could not, at first, run the sound system that Sinead had tested before, the organizers of the event after ours wanted to set up the space, and so on. But the volunteers of Exchange Dublin were extremely helpful, and it was a good first day anyway. We screened and discussed clips from The Qatsi trilogy (www.koyaanisqatsi.org), Goldfish Memory, and Adam and Paul. We talked about the portrayal of cities in film. The discussion was mainly on peripheries, which is the theme of the workshop, representation, space, perception and framing. The participants decided who to work with. We also enjoyed the muffins of The Bakery.

The homework for tomorrow is to come up with an A3 Concept Board or storyboard describing the theme of the film proposal.

Everybody is invited to the screening/review of workshop films at Filmbase on Monday at 7. We will be in the basement.

I would like to thank the Irish Architecture Foundation and Exchange Dublin for their support and help.