16 May 11 . seventh day . the finale

The final day of the workshop started at 1.45 at the Filmbase. Everybody finalized their films, and gathered them on Sinead's laptop we would use for screening. We tested the projector and the sound system, and left. We met again at around 6 to set up a table for the food and the drinks for the guests, who started to show up shortly after 6.30. We started the show at 7.15. Each film was reviewed right after the screening. The participants got the chance to talk about their piece, and to get feedback from Harvey O'Brien, Kathleen James, Paddy Breathnach, and Samantha Martin who were our reviewers. We are grateful to our reviewers and everyone who came. Here is the program of the screening:

Through Walls by Sinead Curran
Blackpitts by Eoin Reddington
You are Here by Stephen Mulhall and Paul Quinn
Legal Alien by Paraic McQuaid

We continued partying after the guests left. I would like to thank Sinead, Eoin, Stephen, Paul, and Paraic for a great week full of ideas, inspiration, film and fun. I am sure some of the people in this group will continue working and/or having fun together.

I would also like to thank The Architecture Foundation, Exchange Dublin and the Filmbase for supporting the workshop.


FILM SCREENINGS: architectural peripheries of dublin

Monday 16 May 2011, 7 pm
Filmbase (Curved Street, Temple Bar, Dublin 2)
Admission free

A public screening of films by participants of Peripheries, a film and architecture workshop run at Exchange Dublin in association with The Fourth Wall film season, with tutors Gul Kacmaz Erk & Sinead Curran. The workshop was attended by artists, architects and film enthusiasts, exploring Dublin as a cinematic city through the theme of peripheries. Reviewers have been invited to attend this screening, including Hugh Campbell, Kathleen James-Chakraborty, Samantha Martin-McAuliffe, Harvey O'Brien, and Paddy Breathnach.

15 May 11 . sixth day

This has been a busy weekend. Today everybody was busy editing. Hopefully, everything will be ready for the final screening tomorrow. We are especially excited about the review. Hope you can make it!


14 May 11 . fifth day

Today some of us met at Exchange, and the others continued shooting. Since it was Saturday, Exchange was full of young Dubliners. We enjoyed watching footage of everyone one by one and coming up with ideas. We talked a lot about editing, layering of frames and sound/music. 'Post-production' will finish tomorrow.

Monday is the big day.

13 May 11 . fourth day

Today, in the friendly environment of Exchange Dublin, Sinead showed the participants who are not familiar with editing programs the basics, and answered their questions.

On Saturday, the participants need to start editing.

12 May 11 . third day

Today Irish film director Paddy Breathnach joined us for 3 hours! He was dressed in black like an architect. We first watched each group's footage and came up with suggestions to improve the project. Since that we saw some actual footage today, we were able to say more about how to put different pieces together. Paddy was so helpful. The highlight of the day was watching his I Went Down and hearing him talk about the architecture of the film.
Shooting continues tomorrow.

Tomorrow is the editing lecture day. Sinead will show the basics. Gul will be in Belfast teaching.

concept board discussion